lesen Hapless, Hopeless, Horrible pdf ebook

lesen Hapless, Hopeless, Horrible pdf ebook

Hapless, Hopeless, Horrible

  • Nummer: 588032287127003
  • Autor:
  • Sprache: Deutsche
  • Auswertung: 3.9/5 (Votes: 2093)
  • Taschenbuch: 111 seiten
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  • Formate herunterladen: PDF, EPUB, KINDLE, FB2, AUDIBLE, MOBI und andere.


Good Gravy! Sir Glame and Bill are back!Just in time too - the lovely Princess Sugar has run away! The sweet land of Sausagopolis may be soaked with sorrow, but please do not despair. The noble knight, Sir Glame, and his faithful steed, Bill, are angst-free, shame-free, sanity-free and scot-free. The Quest for the Petulant Princess is about to begin.Another hilarious romp from the creator of Plotless, Pointless, Pathetic.

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