„Castellum, civitas, urbs“ pdf epub

 „Castellum, civitas, urbs“ pdf epub

„Castellum, civitas, urbs“

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This volume is dedicated to the excavator of the Carolingian central place Mosaburg / Zalavár, Béla Miklós Szoke, for his 65th birthday. It contains a dedication, foreword, 23 contributions, and lists of illustrations and authors. The papers either focus on aspects of settlement history, centres, their shape and functions or on socio-historical patterns of the interpretation of burial rites. In detail, there are studies of Teurnia, the Early Medieval borders of Dalmatia, continuity research in Pannonia and Moravia, the Christianisation of the Balkans, Zalavár, wells from Lazuri-Lubi-tag, Romania, dendrodates from Transylvanian timber objects, Early Medieval water traffic routes between the Rivers Rhine and Danube, the settlement of the Slavic period at Melzow, the Cherven strongholds of Eastern Poland, burials and grave goods, a row-cemetery at Sighisoara, bronze objects from 7th-century, Bohemia, bronze handles from elite graves, the relation between archaeology and anthropology, finds of the Avar period, yellow table wares in the central Danubian region, technological traditions in Eastern Austria, a gilded copper plate, and power relations at the Maros confluence.

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